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Intranet Solutions that work for you: Your people will love to use these powerful enhancements for SharePoint

IT IS Intranet Solutions for SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX

IT IS Principle: Enjoy work by intuitive operation and fresh design

Intranet Solutions that work for you: Your people will love to use these powerful enhancements for SharePoint Microsoft’s SharePoint technology is trendy these times. You can build great things with it – almost everything. At the same time, it is merely a toolbox than a solution. So if you rather want to use SharePoint instead of building it from scratch, you should have a look into our solution offering. The true power lies in the combination of SharePoint with your ERP system.

This makes the particular information stay in the place it belong, but gets your people a full view and certain access towards it. If permitted, they can contribute to various areas of your organization.

You can dismiss cumbersome paper based processed and wild file share information jungles into balanced, workflow driven, and structured areas that speak for themselves. These solutions are turnkey, but also adjustable to suit your needs, and easy to learn and operate.

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Not just easy, but a money safer, too

The solutions operate on a ingenious license model which makes it much more feasible to use them then to get a full featured, yet expensive ERP-client towards all your users. We can show you calculation where you see savings up to 85% over the ordinary license model.

Freedom to get it everywhere, and on every device:

The browser is today “one size fits all” approach. All of our solutions operate in the browser, and they are optimized for touch enabled devices like phones and tablets.

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The Home of IT IS Intranet solutions based on the new Microsoft SharePoint2013.

Where was merely the customer document? How can I share my order? How many days I have left? Such questions will occur also known?

Think briefly once on the time spend your employees with searching of content or need the learning of different applications, although these are rarely used. The service is one of the main points of the design with the IT IS Intranet solutions. Our credo: Consistently simplify and improve.

Our new, fresh design, we support the simplicity of operation. The solutions can be reached in no time by the buttons on the home and anywhere via quick navigation. If you do not need all of these areas and their areas are structured differently, this can easily be adapted - in which the appealing menus to configure. Colors, images and different styles can also be modified without much effort. IT IS Intranet solutions are geared that your employees can use complete intranet portals independently. The topics are to work out for themselves and lead to routine processes. We deliberately do not put anything that is conceivable as a standard order, but follow the 80:20 principle. If you still can is a special case important, we achieve this by configuration and expansion.

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