IT IS active 2013 R2

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Spread your business on e-mail and send full blown correspondence with NAV documents directly in Microsoft Dynamics.

Imagine that everybody has the right information in the right place the moment they need it; Live, Online, right now! Imagine further that vendors, partners, sales people and management build a strong team to make their stance in today’s tough market place. Get it with IT IS active 2013 R2 and experience the power of connected people, always on, and in the game.

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IT IS active 2013 is still available through our valued Software Partner !

In the past we have had many questions regarding whether or not we support Microsoft SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Foundation 2013. We developed IT IS active with this point in mind. So, you can feel confident that a decision to move to Sharepoint 2016 or Foundation 2013 will be compatible with your IT IS active software.

Please refer to the table below some of the features and improvements in IT IS active 2013 R2:

Main functions: Description of the key values and features:
Ready for NAV 2016/2017 ​IT IS active NAV is fully compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
IT IS active 2016 Document management Enhance the user value of your Navision client wit Document Management in IT IS active
IT IS active 2013 Quick Type Save time by working with new IT IS active Quick Type - Inline-Editing will speed up your portal

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