IT IS web for AX

Online store and web portal solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX including CMS (Content Management System) DotNetNuke.

A serious web presence for business or end customers is a must for companies today. But only in combination with business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX it turns into a powerful portal. This is the perfect solution for your company and your customers, as your business power can be leveraged with the portal very efficiently to your business workflow. Shopping and information systems will arise, which are a safe and lay out the information and collaboration window to the whole world. Thus you will reach your customers wherever they are and put your company on today‘s and tommorow‘s business and market place.

IT IS web for AX provides all advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX with a cost-effective and complete portal. IT IS web is based on the innovative technology of IT IS activigence and IT IS mobiligence. Everything you want to see in the web will be configured and fits to your individual requirements very easily. Set it up easily by your MBS-partner or even by yourself.

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Set up your worldwide shopping window in no time!

The value your company and your customers will gain is obvious: With IT IS web your customers can place orders, which are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX on the spot. All data necessary for a selling process, like billing address, shipping address, dispatch type and other are allocated to the ERP system immediatelly. Accept or modify purchase orders directly without delay and move on.

Use IT IS web for AX to communicate with your customers and partners via web and promote your business easier, faster and more cost-effective then ever. We will get you on the Internet efficently!

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