About us - Philosophy

We are a dynamic team of young professional workers. We head for perfection in solutions, costs and time. We are achievement-oriented, international, modern and communicative.

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Corporate Philosophy

Our expertise is determined by performance and flexibility of our staff. All associates of the IT IS AG are experts in their field of activity. Our know-how is assured through permanent education and periodical on the job training that is strictly involved in our workaday life. “Never be satisfied with the actual output, go for more effective solutions” is the ultimate principle of our daily work.

Responsibility and a very flat hierarchy are basics for an open communication between our associates. In a loyal environment people will enjoy their work and gain more success in their job. The combination of project-related teams with freelancer and different corporations, having their expertise in completive fields, creates positive synergies and leads to success in the project.

Our creed is an orientation focused on customers, market an people. Always realizing ideal solutions and cultivate long term business relations is our primary goal. The motivation force for our associates to achieve daily excellence.

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