IT IS mail 2012

IT IS mail 2012 - Overview

With IT IS mail 2012 you can send quotes, orders, invoices and newsletters directly per e-mail from Microsoft Dynamics to your contacts and customers.

These days it is important that you and your employees can act on your business communication with little effort and in short terms. Whether it is the communication to your customers from the marketing department or the regular electronic delivery of invoices to your current customers; you can inform and transfer information when you want it, easily and directly from your business software. 

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Your team will appreciate the new possibilities for easy outbound business communication. 

A common way for sending out documents from Microsoft Dynamics is to generate PDF attachments of those documents, saving the PDFs´ at the file system. Then the file needs to get attached to an e-mail, you also need to enter the text to the customer about the purpose. 

No more: Now you simply hit the send button in Dynamics, and the attachments and the appropriate e-mail message will be compiled together in seconds. Another benefit is to get assistance in the push communication for your goods and services. The marketing staff nowadays follows a complicated way to get the right data to send out prospect and customer information and newsletters. In some cases your marketing people have to export the contact information as a text file, then they have to import the data into a database program. After those tasks, the connection to the e-mailing-program, setting up content and tracking is another issue.

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