Document and data exchange projects

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX with EDI/XML interchange based on IT IS connect or Microsoft BizTalk

Built for data exchange based on EDI or XML messaging:

With the IT IS connect solution or with Microsoft BizTalk you can carry out your complete electronic communication with customers and suppliers in very little time. The electronic exchange of invoices, orders or some special documents from your enterprise resource management system directly to their system saves copying the paper and rewriting again. You will be amazed how much time and money such a solution saves you. Ask for our ROI calculator that helps you with it.

IT IS connect or the Microsoft BizTalk server takes on the conversion of the various data formats as well as the administration of the technical connection of the business partners. This solution supports the electronic exchange of all business documents relevant for a purchase-/ selling process. These documents very simply can be adapted and fast adding of new document types is a easy process, too.

In a project with IT IS connect, you and us together define, how existing processes in you enterprise will be mapped and matched with existing processes in your enterprise. We also consider what will be important for the introduction of new processes in your organisation.

Moreover, you plan, which electronic communication modes, for example web services, MIMEmail or S/FTP can be used for the communication. So we work out workflows with you step by step which make the ongoing processing of the data from the exchanged documents possible. In short: With IT IS connect and us it runs.

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