IT IS active 2016

Winner need the best team

Jetzt neu für NAV 2016 und SharePoint 2016: IT IS active 2016 ist schöner, schneller, besser. 

The right information at the right time in the right place - immediately available when they are needed? Live, online, right now? Together form a strong team together with suppliers, partners, retailers, nd the management, in order to compete in a today's market can -

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With IT IS active 2016 work even more effectively using SharePoint 2016 and NAV2016.

Experience faster inputs, and improved document management by more than the NAV client access to files in the upcoming SharePoint obtain 2016th IT IS active 2016 specially fast and has got a new design. Of course, IT IS active 2016 with NAV2016 compatible, but also the older versions from NAV 4:01 are still supported. Such bandwidth offered by any other product.

What's still in?

IT IS rapid entry saves you time by inline editing for input fields, you will notice at the much faster response time of your portal. IT IS rapid entry based on a new concept to the IT IS active 2016 communicates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to change field values. They are the new way of entering and editing data love, especially when it comes to promotions. IT IS rapid entry works with all kinds of tables and forms.

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Please refer to the table below some of the new features and improvements in IT IS active 2016:

New features: 

New Features description:

Ready for NAV 2015/2016  IT IS active 2016 is fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV
IT IS active 2016 Document Management​  Improved document management in NAV client in SharePoint - get more out of your Navision client
IT IS active 2016 Fast entry Time-saving work with IT IS active Quick Type - accelerating the response time of your portal through inline editing
Performance & Design IT IS active 2016 convinces with a new look and faster performance

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