IT IS Tablet Solutions

IT IS Tablet Solutions

Not only in office, but especially on your business trip you like to have all important information with you. Particularly for your sales department this is very important and implicates a great simplification of their workday. The IT IS Tablet Solutions realize the access to all your data without any issues. They are the ideal companion to plan, structure and follow up your day better than ever before.

The Tablet Solutions combine your personal data with business data from various sources, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint. The result is a higher effectiveness for your own job and business, and better collaboration with colleagues and customers.

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IT IS tablet time – anywhere, at any time, on any device!

The current, extensible solution is divided in six logical areas. First there is planning for the preparation of your next days. Then you got the action elements calls, visits, and webcasts for the direct activity with your counterpart. To wrap up, you may look into orders – including quotes and invoices and see actual results in the charts section.

Each section gives you details about the particular needs. For instance it is possible to look at your to do list when clicking on planning. You will never forget tasks again, because the several things can be arranged according to due date and priority. Customer surveys can be found in calls. There you can choose your answers and give them in very quickly.

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