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It is not easy anymore to administer a network correctly and reliably today. Services like e-mail servers, proxy server, web server, database servers, domain controllers, print servers, DNS servers, backup servers, virtual servers and terminal servers as well as internet and e-business systems need to be installed and maintained properly. The software needs updates and the hardware requirements must be coordinated with each other before the use. The network must be conceived so that it can be enlarged without an effortful redevelopment scheme. A data saving strategy must be worked out and the backups shall be checked regularly. Updates must be installed over the network on the workplaces of the employees. Employees are introduced on new systems and sensitized to threats from their activities on the net.

Due to the large variety of different tasks, nowadays networks are often administered badly or carelessly. Our experts in the area of network administration have many years of experience in planning and administering of networks. You can help your enterprise or your own administrators to cope with the tasks correctly and carefully. Our experts went to a variety of trainings and has certifications from the manufacturers Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Moreover our experts act completely confidential and reliably in dealing with your corporate data. We would offer to send you one of our experts for a free hour of advice!

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