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SharePoint for portals, intranets and document management

The SharePoint portal makes it possible for your enterprise to develop an intelligent portal which connects employees, teams and business processes with each other. The direct cooperation is simplified for people and teams with sharing information, organizing appointments and search for important data.

Commparably with Google, a very strong search makes fast company information accessible easily. Portal users find the relevant knowledge in the large seas of information. Contents and layout are personalized and tuned to users and groups. Another great plus is the shortened training period of your co-workers.

IT IS active 2010 - one of our products - supports this increased efficiency still further. Read more to this in the product description. But even without our products, you have an optimized platform at your hand that cooperates smoothly with Microsoft Office products, e.g. with version controls and information databases.

What we do: at first we work with you on the specification and planning, quantity structure and dividing the components. Our hardware experts plan how the hardware base for the solution shall be dimensioned, so that a stable business is ensured. A prototype of the solution to be built serves to present you a visualized suggestion so that without large costs a common base of understanding arises. Soon you already can get started and use the advantages of search and document management.

Finally finds instead of permanent search: With SharePoint you build more knowledge faster.

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