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Safety first in your own network

Of course you work in your company with many computer systems which are networked. The IT infrastructure has a key role since only with the help of these systems the extensive tasks of the enterprise will be handled. But what happens if all this is cancelled by viruses or spam mails? Or still worse: What would be if your network is useful to not only the trustworthy colleague but also service the hacker snooping around?

The increase effectiveness through IT has it’s other side: Security breaches and ignorance threaten your data. Administrators are often neither up-to-date for the threats nor currently trained. These threats get more and more frequent daily and cause damages even at small and medium-sized enterprises amounting millions of dollars every year. This becomes worse through the damage to the image of your enterprise, if an e-mail infected by virus gets to your customers, for example. Six per cent of the enterprises which have suffered from a great data loss are filing bankruptcy within the year following on this event.

Our experts offer you competent help by safeguarding IT-infrastructure and offer extraordinary crisis intervention solutions in the case of an attack. Our team is permanently and especially trained on IT safety. We offer you a free safety check to recognize weak points. You therefore are able to start protective measures with our help before it is too late. Our help and your confidence bring you the safety which you need to work successfully and puts the bad boys on the chain!

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