IT IS enbex - Features

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No redundancies

With IT IS enbex there is no redundancy in software or paper form, thus unnecessary document accumulations will be avoided.
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User-friendly communication

Because the data-exchange with different other IT-systems takes place in the own software.
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Fast feedback

The status of the sent data can be viewed immediately after the transfer.
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Proven system

IT IS enbex has been six years in operation and has its "teething problems" left behind for a long time. There have already been done more than 450.000 transactions, and there are more than 1.000 satisfied IT IS enbex users.
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A transaction with IT IS enbex is completed in seconds and is significantly less time-consuming than sending via mail.
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Through electronic data exchange with IT IS enbex you can save costs in materials (such as paper and toner costs), as well as postage costs and costs in the personnel area.

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