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IT IS ENBEX offers a "flatrate" per year. This "flatrate" contains software updates, which are based in percentage of the investment costs of your project. You are completely independent in the amount of transfered documents.

You can transfer any document. It doesn't mind if it's a bill, a contract or an order.

IT IS enbex supports XML and EDI-fact. The transmission can be done trough HTTP/S, S/MIME, FTP an many others. Give us a call.

There are no limits, if configured for various business systems interfaces.

IT IS enbex supports the qualified digital signature. So you can ensure that your data will not be modified without detection. For an optimal signature solution, we recommend the S-Trust solution of the bank.

You create a document only once and it must not again be transferred by hand into the enterprise resource planning system. Even with a bill you'll save time and costs, because you don't have to print, envelope, fold, and send thedocument.

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