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The duration of the initialization essentially dependens on the type of initialization (Online, offline-medium and offline-medium including updates) and the bandwidth of the internet. The amount of data transferred depends on the configuration and data files. At best, it amounts to 10 minutes. Under difficult circumstances, a transmition can take hours of broadcasting.

There are three types. Online, offline-media (eg CD) and Offline-media initialization including updates.

The selection can be initialized without an Internet connection, but can not due to load updates. It's always recommended to perform an initialization with updates, otherwise you'll work with an outdated database.

Yes, the updates are constantly being brought from the backend and loaded into the database during the update.

Yes, in the synchronization cycle, the stored data will be installed and processed on the back-end. Following the back-end data will be updated.

The system tray process, that performs the download of table data, will be started at the user-login at the windows system, when a previous initialization has been completed and a Internet connection to the back-end is established.

No. After updating the database, the local files are deleted from the disk.

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