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E-mail Design, send and Track

Send information easily and quickly to your leads, negotiating partners, suppliers and customers. Track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, thereby increasing the conversion rate. Create professional emails and use templates with just a few clicks.

Send Professional E-mails

Import databases with prospective or filter by existing leads to opportunities and to customer lists with just a few clicks.

Define e-mail templates to reuse content or create a specific design for your newsletter. Set up multiple e-mail server with its own IP / domain, compare the success of different recipient lists and content.

Send Professional E-mails-odoo
Organize Marketing Campaigns-odoo

Organize Marketing Campaigns - Create, Send and Track E-mails in Campaigns

Generate efficiency to increase the conversion rate real-time statistics about campaigns. Track sent, received, opened and answered emails.

Manage easily your marketing campaigns, discussion groups, leads and contacts on an easy-to-use and powerful platform.

Integrated ODOO Apps

Operate order to improve communication with your receivers different tools for email mass mailing.

Use e-mail templates, select Leads from marketing to segments, send job listings and automatic responses to applicants, use e-mail templates multiple times in Lead Automation marketing campaigns.

Answers to your emails automatically appear in the course of the document with the Social Network module.

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mass mailing analysis-odoo

Clean up your Lead Database - Return and Conversion Rates

They have a clean lead database, which is updated with the time itself. ODOO worked for you return lists, undeliverable mail and thus setting up statistics on the quality of your email addresses.

Send E-mail with One Click

Your marketing department will gladly work with loving campaigns. But you can make this possibility available to other users, so that these can easily send it via mass mailing e-mails or documents to different recipients.

For example, select Leads, support tickets, suppliers, applicants u.s.w. and post with just one click emails to the appropriate contacts. Of course you can also use templates again.

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Follow up of answers-odoo

Follow up of answers - Communicate effectively with potential new customers

The "Chatter tool" allows you a faster and more efficient communication with your customers. Automatically create documents on the basis of responses from your mass mailing campaigns (z. B. leads, opportunities, tasks, etc.).
Follow the further development either ODOO or by

The respective Manager of documents obtained in each event notifications with all sales negotiations and discussions. So never lost valuable idea.

Campaign Dashboards -
Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns

You will receive data and reports to help you still can design more targeted marketing campaigns. Each campaign is coupled to a statistic that shows you bounce rates, outgoing emails etc. The dashboard gives you a complete overview of your campaign's effectiveness.

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