Manage expenses online in odoo

Manage your expenses online

Odoo's software manages the daily expenses in a continuous Encodierungsprozess. The entire process, how to manage the expenses of your employees is integrated as follows:

    - Illustration of expenses of employees (expenses)a

    - Confirmation of the settlement by the respective staff

    - Validation by the relevant supervisor

    - Validation by the accounting

    - Reservations

Management control

Odoo's open source software allows you to manage company expenses. Whether this is about travel expenses or other expenses, you have access to the outputs of your employees and can accept or refuse. After accepting a settlement will be created automatically. You will need to download any additional software. Catch all the ODOO Expense Module.

travel expenses-odoo
Expenses approve in odoo

Managing Multiple Users

As a manager, you have the following options:

    - Track the details of your team

    - Confirm or reject expenditure as from

    ​- send confirmed expenses to the accounting department

As a normal user you can:

    - Add your expenses

    Comment on your expenses

    - Check the status of your expenses

As an accountant you have the following options:

    - Check the expenses of staff

    - Create accounts

    - Edit payment

Integration in Calendar

This module also makes the analytical accounts and is used with the accounts in the calendar compatible. So you can see the expenses for your projects directly enter the calendar.

Whether you need edition monitoring software for small or large multinational companies, is irrelevant. ODOO each request will meet with the user-friendly, efficient and professional expenses module.
In short: the best solution available on the market.

Integration in Calendar